Agent Referrals

At Summa, we believe in giving our clients the best sales advantage and welcome Summa real estate Buyer's agents or Buyer Referrals. In our larger priced homes, we can increase buyer referrals percentage to accommodate both the Oregon real estate broker and the out of state broker that may have a client that wants to relocate to one our regional areas. Up to 40% on the buy side. If you are an agent, and you may know someone interested in our area or one of our properties, please call us today!. We will honor your referral at escrow. We seek a strong referring network and we NEED our referring agents. We seek a strong reciprocating relationship with several outside sales agents. Please contact us first to negotiate your terms, then send us your real estate lead with referring contract and we will expedite your pay at closing date direct from the title company. It's that simple! Give us a shout today and let us know you would like to join our real estate network of referring agents.. Attention Summa Agents! Below is a form to fill out to generate your referring contact information on our preset blank brochures. We will add your contact info to our brochures. Alternatively you may download our blank brochures Here to edit in your own contact and Summa Logo.

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